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Perfect Polish

adds a shine to your car, on the inside and outside. This antistatic and biologically degradable all-in-one solution will clean and protect all parts of your car, quickly and efficiently, from dashboard to bodywork to rims. Perfect Polish should be reapplied monthly. Apply using the spray mist bottle and rub dry immediately using a microfibre cloth. To remove surface contamination such as bugs or tar, apply Perfect Polish, leave for approximately two minutes, and rub dry. Perfect Polish guarantees a perfect shine and maximum protection!

Perfect Wash

is a powerful carnauba wax shampoo for cleaning your car and adding a nice shine.

Perfect wheel

is een sterke alcalische velgenreiniger, veilig voor elk type velg

Microfibre cloth

Use this ultrasoft, high-quality microfibre cloth to achieve super smooth, instant results.

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