Do you want to become the new ambassador of Protect-All?

In addition to our webshop, the Protect-All range can also be found at +100 sales points in Belgium and the Netherlands. Consisting of garages, retailers, gas stations, car customizers, Harley shops, bicycle shops, etc.

Do you want to be part of our network? We are always looking for strong partners.

Is your business and clientele the perfect match for our brand? And are you, as a manager/star, also fully convinced to offer our brand?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Collaboration also has several advantages for your business!

Additional turnover

Get extra turnover from existing customers and visitors who visit your company .

Our range is striking, so whether you actively or passively work with our brand, it will create extra turnover.

high margins

He who does not divide cannot multiply .

We give our B2B network above-average profit margins. This way you know that the time you invest in our brand will also be repaid.

Point of sale

We always ensure that every point of sale receives the correct POS material .

We usually work with high-quality product displays, but we also incorporate our range into your existing range of products.