Perfect Foam - 1L bottle
Perfect Foam - 1L bottle
Perfect Foam - 1L bottle
Perfect Foam - 1L bottle

Perfect Foam - 1L bottle

Perfect Foam is the ideal foam shampoo to use with the high-pressure cleaner using a Foamgun.
  • Powerful against superficial dirt, perfect pre-wash
  • Very economical formula, +20 washes per bottle
  • Has a wonderful cherry scent
  • Safe for wraps and coatings.

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Perfect foam

the ultimate foam shampoo

A thick pre-wash foam that loosens superficial dirt in preparation for manual cleaning.

  • Used by many professionals , top brands and garages
  • Can be used with our Foambooster - foam gun
  • Large 1L bottle, with which you can spray a thick foam layer approximately +20x

everything for a perfect foam job

4 steps to success
  1. Mix the Perfect Foam with water in your foam lance/foam gun (see label for the perfect mixing ratio)
  2. Shake your foam gun to mix the product well and connect it to your high-pressure device
  3. You can start foaming! Foam your vehicle from bottom to top, working one area at a time
  4. Allow the foam to work for a while and then rinse thoroughly with water

Tip: be sure to check out our Snow Foam Booster - foam gun!

This 1L bottle is ideal for getting to know the product, we also offer the Perfect Foam in 2.25L bottles.

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Have already ordered from you several times. Great product and good
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Klaas VL.

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Nancy V.

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