Nanex starter pack

Nanex starter pack

This package contains our Nanexpad+handle, our Perfect Polish and a microfiber cloth. Forget clays with a clay eraser, this Nanex clay system is more effective, faster and much less labor intensive.
  • The best way to remove contamination from the paint!
  • You can do up to 60 vehicles with one Nanex pad
  • Pad and handle stick easily with velcro
  • All our professional customers are fans

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clay in 2024

This Nanex pad is THE alternative to traditional clay products, faster, easier and more sustainable (1 pad can be used up to 60 times).

It effortlessly removes superficial contamination/coarseness such as caked-on residues that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as air pollution, resin, wax residues, insects and other dirt residues.

We cannot remove this accumulated contamination by polishing alone, so it is advisable to clean your vehicle every now and then and remove this paint contamination. It will look like your vehicle has been polished!

super easy

  • The Nanex pad can be used in combination with our Perfect Polish
  • Spray Perfect Polish on the vehicle and gently work it in with the Nanex pad + handle by making gentle circles
  • You will literally feel and hear the imperfections disappear!
  • Then rub away the excess product with a micro-fiber cloth and you're done!

What our customers say:


Have already ordered from you several times. Great product and good
service and fast delivery.

Klaas VL.

Your webshop is clear and customer-friendly. I have
nothing to complain about. The delivery time is also very fast.


Perfect experience, I am a very satisfied customer!! Discovered you through friends many years ago.

Nancy V.

Very satisfied, and delivered quickly, definitely worth it
to pass this on to friends.


Fine! Everything went smoothly and delivered correctly.

Frank H.

Getting to know through a friend. Very good products, 3 cars today
polished clean and they shine. Will definitely order again. Very satisfied.

Rudy VdB.

Nothing to complain about from order to delivery
brands, excellent service!

Jonas S.